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Friday, January 20, 2006



No one arrives at a destination on a road he did not travel, not individuals, not cities, not counties, not states, not nations, not the world and even the universe. Everything we think, say and do effects energy-dimensions spiritual, mental and physical. Cause/action, and, effect/change, is reality, regardless of how we perceive it. For every action there is a reaction. For every cause there is an effect. What we send out returns. The law of cause and effect is an eternal truth. Effect can be mitigated but cannot be annulled.

The world, this world, our world, the kind of world we NOW live in, is NOW (currently and at this moment) in the throws of disruption, turmoil, upheaval and ultimate re-creative devastation and destruction. For the moment, the demolition of the earth, continents, countries, cities, pleasures, services and people is spotty and spasmodic, yet slowly, destruction is stalking us and creeping closer, and will increasingly touch, impact, impinge, encroach and intrude mercilessly upon every concern of our lives. WHY? BECAUSE WE HAVE TRAVELED AND ARE TRAVELING THE ROAD THAT LEADS TO IT.

Mark these words: Unless there is something that changes the motivation and intent of the masses of humanity from selfishness and greed to unconditional love, with the actual manifestations of that love, our utter destruction is SURE, with the exception of some–a remnant, who actually change and thus LIVE AND PRACTICE unconditional love. Some of those who love unconditionally will survive to BE the seed for the next time-period on this world. Everyone else will be killed, put to death and exterminated by nature’s upheavals or man’s destructive nature. EITHER THE NATURE OF -A- MAN WILL CHANGE OR NATURE WILL ELIMINATE THAT MAN. Why? Because men are traveling the road that leads to it.


Nature’s fury, whether manmade or nature made, is more violent over- all than it was in the past , and will continue to increase in violence, duration and severity. Every conceivable and many unheard of nature-events will escalate and intensify, broaden and widen and lengthen in duration. From within and on earth, from oceans and seas, from our atmosphere, space and outer space, MAN, as a whole, has awakened and summoned the destructive forces.

Man’s fury, fired by selfishness and greed, has polluted, contaminated and sickened the earth and its people and will continue to devastate the earth and destroy all that man has built, and finally, kill most of mankind, either THAT, or mankind, in mass, will embrace unconditional love because of a major shift in their consciousness because of an event.

It doesn’t take a genius to know that when you begin polluting a fish pond, eventually all the fish will die, if you don’t stop.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that when you make a house a fire-trap, it will burn to the ground when the conditions are right.

And it doesn’t take a prophet to know that when selfishness and greed are the primary forces driving most of mankind, that mankind will cause his own demise.

Most people are like the two men who fell out of a one hundred story building. One man said to the other when they were at the fiftieth story, “Nice breeze. How’s it going with you?”

The other one said, “This is great. No problem . . . so far.”

Prepare your heart and follow the spirit in preparing for the days ahead. If you only prepare for the days ahead, and not your heart, all your preparations will be in vain, FOR YOU.

If you desire unconditional love, ask for it. Ask that your love will be increased.

And, whether life or death in days ahead, you will not lose your reward, for whatever you send out, returns to you.

Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.

Sow love, joy, peace and happiness, and in your heart they are yours, which is where it counts, no matter what the world says or does.


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