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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Dry and Hot

In January.

Fires going all over the place, towns burnt.

I have been getting some of my preparations mobile, and cleaning up bruch on the property. Moved the Airstream and plan to get all my BO preps sorted and loaded.

Building a sprinkler system for the house and studio in case we are evacuated and have to leave some water running. Plans are to put a 12 volt shurFlo with some roof sprinklers waterering the house and yard.

IF our neighborhood was to have a fire, the electricity would go pretty quickly, as it ALREADY has trees all around the wire.

So battery powered is the way to go, as I DON'T want to leave my generators or camping equipment.

So getting EVERYTHING ready for a migration is a good exercies in paring down and being ready to MOVE?

what about you? are you ready to evac? would you be comfortable? Have you thought about it?

Have a plan?


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