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Monday, November 07, 2005

Rescue Rangers Headquarters

We went and surveyed the new RR HQ in Spring Branch. As well, we had a training event at Flat Creek Crossing, to prepare for Flipside next year.
About 100 people showed up and the campground is HUGE and nice, a well as a little dangerous. there are some cliffs, steep trails, and mountin biking out the wazoo.

The Ranger HQ 1335 Covered Wagon is in Rebecca Creek and we will have to do some Juniper clearing in the center of the lot, and maybe bring in some dirt for gardens and driveway. Across the street is an empty lot, with septic and water. That would be a good on to pick up for a trailer, and keep the HQ site for vehicles. On the way in to the subdivision, there is an empty metal building, that would be perfect for a shop and storehouse.

I 'll have to get the name on the sign the next time I am there, and see what it runs.

The drive is about even from Austin to San Antonio, so we should get some participation at the campouts.

The idea is to schedule a Ranger work weekend in December.



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