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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Pumping water

As most of my water comes from a well, i need lot's of electricity to extract it.

Once it is stored in tanks, it can be refined by RO and stored for consumptioin.

My Current RO pump is about 1.5 hp and uses 9 amps at 240. It has a fair startup surge, and can pump up to 200 psi, though I run my RO at 150 to 175.

So to refine water from the sun after it is pumped from the deep well, I found a 150 psi Shurflo that is designed for low volume spray rigs.

It runs at 12 or 24 volts and draws about 10 amps. So with enough panels, I can start this DC motor and have it make water all day while the sun is shining, and if there are enough panels, it would also charge a battery for night time use.

The pump is about 150 dollars and I am sure it will wear out, I will go ahead and get a diaphragm kit and rebuild kit.

this also has a survival and sea going issue. To make freshwater from sea water using RO, the pressures can be up to 800 psi. That's a lot more serious motor and pump.


Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Solar Panels

Dang I havent posted in a while.'

I guess Live Journal is getting most of my writing time.


I now have close to 2000 watts of solar panels. Yesterday I picked up a 150 watt BP panel from Meridian to add to the others.

As well, I am about to get some charge controllers from Meridian for the big 24 volt bank and from Greentek for the smaller 12 volt banks.

Still need to invest in more inverters.

anyone else making progress on their solar village?

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