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Friday, December 31, 2004

Preparedness, Earthquakes and Solar Energy

I am subscribed to the FREE USGS earthquake alert service. ANY earthquake of 5.0 on the Richter gets an auto email sent to subscribers.

I was sitting in front to the computer when the email came in about 10 till 9 that evening.

I thought hmm... 8.9 in the Ocean? that should make one BIG ASS wave.

I went upstairs and told Minna and my visiting parents that a large earthquake had hit in Indonesia and I thought it might cause a Tsunami.

Later that evening reports started coming in.

Amazing, really that no one was warned or that the Governments did NOT KNOW.

all over the world people monitor earthquakes and if they didn't see the potential of this then they are LYING.

So anyway, made me re-think about my preps and food production.

While I have the energy thing going, food will be the long term issue if there ever is a disaster here.

Any thoughts?


Thursday, December 16, 2004

My Solar Village at Yahoo Groups

Well I started a group at yahoogroups. mysolarvillage@yahoogroups.com

I also plan to list all this in the Intentional Communities website once I figure out what I want to say.

Installed a new battery bank at the casa in North Austin. I now have 3000 amp hours @ 12 volts or 1500@24. The batteries were Hawker sealed lead acid's from Meridian Energy Systems http://www.meridiansolar.com

I have been working for them the last year as their IT support guy and this is part of my payment.

I also am getting some more solar panels and a new inverter, HOPEFULLY an Outback, but will take whatever I can arrrange.

the domain name http://www.mysolarvillage.com is now registered and I am working on a site and community discussion board.

maybe this weekend I can get that live. I am planning lot's of changes to the Webcrayon http://www.webcrayon.com data center this holiday and hopefully the new machines will be online and usable.

email to prod me into action.


and join our group!!