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Sunday, October 23, 2005

More Solar Panels and Stuff

Well I think I may have all the details hacked into place for my Solar Panel for brain use swap at Meridian.

With that done, I will be setting up some more panels, charge controllers and batteries.

I am shooting for 10 kyocera 167 watt panels and some inverters and charge controllers.

fuses, disconnect, lightening arrestors and all the other cable and assorted things to get another RE system online and pumping water here at the house.

The plan is to use an ETA pump and a large array to pump water to a large tank up the hill. This storage tank would also receive Rain water collection. This would then be RO to two usable streams of water. One hard and minerally for garden water, the other acid and sweet for the house.

Currently I have a 2500 gallon and another 1000 gallon.

I belive the big storage tank needs to be a big ferrocement, block tank. But well see where to locate it.

Once that is iin place, no electricity at all will HAVE to be used if there is no fuel.

we would have water, lights and other stuff from the current setup and only use the gennies as last resort.

On another note, my K5 Jimmy's fuel filter cloggged today as I was leaving the house. I had been running B99 in it and it is just TO CLEAN for older trucks

Need to get some regular diesel in it once I get it cranked again. Maybe some Marvel Mystery Oil in the tank as well, for winter viscosity issues.

Going to be a cold one this year and I need to check the block heaters on all my trucks.



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