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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Spring Fuel rotation

Well all you preps kind of folk, need to think about rotating and using your stored winter fuel.

I'm gonna blend my diesel with some fresh BioDiesel and PRI-D and the gasoline is going to get refreshed with some High Octane and used in my boat.

The boat seems to digest older fuel better than the newer cars and vans. plus the added octane and alcohol dries up any water that has accumulated over the winter.

As well as fuel, I need to put another 6 months worth of chicken and rabbit feed in the barn, as they will need to be fed as well.

I also believe it's time to get another stock of long term food stocks. Wheat, honey, powdered milk, etc.

These items are still good in my store house, but some are getting to be 6 years old and I am thinking of feeding some of it to the chickens.

While I have always been pretty prepared for MY family, my extended famliy is now coming in to play.

I think I need to put away foodstuff for the folks that might show up at my house in an emergency. Now that I have added a few more significant other types and their children to the list, it is obvious, I NEED MORE FOOD.

what about you? do you have food stored?



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