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Saturday, October 29, 2005

GRC Chickens Rabbits Goats

The primary animals I have selected for the domesticated portion of My Solar Village are Chickens, Rabbits, and Goats.

All are low maintenence, and they have been bred to deal with confinement well. this may important iin the future if we have to shelter from radiation, or flee in a ship.

Currently have several pairs of Rabbits, and 7 hens, a young rooster, and a Bantam rooster named Tiny Kingdom. He is no longer here, as he has been put in the Federal Chicken Witness Protection Program. He went against the chicken mafia and starting get death threats.

Currently goatless, but plan to get some more this winter. We had 4 for a while but they kept getting out of the pen, and while I had the time to feed them, not the time to chase them down and reapair fencing.

So they were turned into barBque, and will get some more soon.

Charlane in San Antonio, has a momma goat and milks her every day.

Goats give milk, cheese and meat.

rabbits, quick protein.

chickens, eggs and meat.




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