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Friday, October 21, 2005

Hill country Rescue Rangers and VFD

Hill Country Rescue Rangers & VFD [Oct. 21st, 200506:30 am]
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Hill Country Rescue Rangers & Volunteer Fire Department is now a real entity.

Not just a figment of my varied and multi-universe reality.

We finished all the incorporation paperwork and paid the fees to the state today. Another nail, another click on the list.

Here are details.

The equipment storage area and operational base camp, is in Spring Branch, Texas, about 10 miles north of the Guadalupe river on Rebecca Creek.

This is an amazing place, with a magnificent creek running through the subdivision, and a scattering of houses and mobile homes. Most of the roads are dirt but all weather passable. You would need a 4WD to get up the road to the big hill in winter if we had a lot of snow or ice. But is completely passable with ordnary passenger cars most of the year.

While our lot is small, the entire creek bank fields are a parks and campgrounds for the Residents and Guests.

It has RV hookups, nice grass, tables and grills and several amazing swimming holes and rope swings.

The equipment storage and work area is on a mesa about 1/2 mile from the creek with mostly rock and cedar ( gotta go, fire hazard ). And close by is an 80 cliff in the canyon.

We are planning a new member orientation campout and fundraiser in a few months, and will update all the aprropriate lists and people when this happens.


This is the Satellite photo, and the area to the right of the red dot is the creek and campground.

In this shot there doesn't appear to be many houses, so it is pretty old. There are quite a few houses now, but not a city.

Across from the creek are some nice fields, that could be planted and irrigated from the creek in any long term emergency.

The site is fairly high, so the first order of business will be to put up antennas and radios.

There is electricity in the hood, and water, but we have no power pole. Maybe it will always ge solar powered with gennie and wind backups.

There's plenty of game in the area, fish in the creek and Canyon Lake is 10 miles away, and the Guadalupe is just to the south.

It's about 60 miles from austin, and 40 miles froom San Antonio off 281.

The KEY to the turn off 281, is a GIANT golfball, for the Rebecca Creek golf course. It's a little twisty to get there, and you have to ford creek once, but in normal weather it's passable, and there's a back area that has an outlet to 306.

SO... whose gonna help? As I never get any comments on my boring and mundane LJ, I am geting used to writing for myself regularly, so the exercise has value.

If nothing else than a reminder to myself, as the information is useful and can be easily viewed again.

I'll be getting the website operational soon, and we'll make a press release, and have a social gathering very soon.

It's almost daylight now, as I can hear some of the early morning guys leaving for work. Once the kids are up and off to school, I am going to take a nap and start my day around noon. Plan on working late again tonigh as well, doing network gear replacement at Q4B.

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